Safety & Management

  • NoviceNo previous training or experience
  • ExistingNo formal documented evidence (self-taught)
  • RefresherPreviously formally trained and tested
  • ConversionConverting from other truck/machine within the same category

VOSS courses are provided extensively throughout the UK by qualified instructors/examiners. Our quality assurance processes ensure standards meet relevant HSE (ACOPs) and or RTITB / ABA Accredited Standards where, chosen and relevant for the safe operation and testing of the machine/course type delivered.


VOSS are specialists in Workplace Transport, with over 35 years of industry experience. Whether an external audit and overview using our fresh pair of eyes to provide a training needs analysis, provide advice on compliance and risk management, or simply a “Sound Board” to check if you are doing enough to keep your staff and workplace safe, we can help.

We also offer Manager & Supervisor training courses to ensure you are doing everything reasonably, to ensure your compliance.

We work with you to reduce risk of injury and prosecution, whilst providing real cost savings to your bottom-line profits.

For more information and guidance contact our knowledgeable team who are also qualified instructors and safety professionals.

Truck Types